Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you thought about your property’s roof? Your answer could be, when you first moved in. This is common with most homeowners. The last thing on anyone’s mind is often the roof, you might have more pressing issues in your home.

But you shouldn’t neglect your roof, this is a major piece of your home, and after some time— as most things do— it requires repairs. In some cases it even needs replacing, and failing to give it the proper care it requires can lead to significant problems.

Your focus should be prevention, oftentimes roof repairs happen long after damages had already occurred. This can result in weak roofs, which can create more damage and further issues. If it comes to the point of roof replacement, you could find yourself dealing with bigger problems and more expenses the longer you wait.

Don’t leave your roof hanging by letting it go unnoticed and uncared for. Take a mental check and if it’s been a while since you took a good look at your roof, then it’s time to revisit. You may not know it, but it could be showing signs of age and wear. Be aware and if you notice any of the warning signs we’re going to mention, you should have your roof repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Leaking Ceiling

The most obvious and common sign that you need to check out the condition of your roof is a leaking ceiling. If your ceiling is leaking, that should be a cause for concern, it could mean it needs repairing or replacing.

You don’t have to wait for the ceiling to drip water, you should call a professional at any sight of water damage. Dark streaks or water stains on your ceiling or at the sides of the walls could be important signs that require action. If you have an attic and want to make sure the roof causing the leak and not the plumbing, go check it out.

The average cost of repairing a ceiling from a leak is $680, but it will depend on what your roof needs, the price could go as high as almost $5,000.

Curled or Buckling Shingles

The first line of defense against the outdoor elements are your roof’s shingles. But— as most things do— over time they can become increasingly worn out. Again, this is a signal that you might need to repair or replace it with a new roof.

Don’t look the other way— if you’ve noticed that your roof’s shingles are curled or buckling, they’re for sure past their life expectancy. Their natural state should be laid flat against your roof. The constant wear and tear from storms, sunlight, and temperature changes, shingles can break down. The visible signs are the curling and buckling.

Corroded or Damaged Roof Valleys

Roof’s valleys are also key in keeping your property and its interior protected from the outdoor elements. When it rains and snows, the valleys’ work by carrying the water into the gutters and ensures it drains properly.

The problem is, if your roof valleys are damaged, corroded, or blocked with debris, the water and snow could start or already be sitting in these valleys and causing bigger problems. In the end, when roof valleys get compromised, they can begin to leak and speed into your ceiling inside your home.

Your Roof’s Age

Your roof might look in great condition when you perform a visual inspection, but you should consider it’s age. Ask yourself, when was the last time it got repaired? Or updated? And even, how long ago was it installed?

A big warning sign could be the age of your roof. A typical roof can lasts between 20 and 25 years, this is according to Angie’s List. Be aware because after this point, a roof can become weak and problematic— it doesn’t even matter if it looks okay on the surface, looks can be deceiving. Have someone take a look at it.

Soft Spots on Your Roof

Go up on roof— carefully— and look for soft spots. Anything that feels spongy or soft to the touch on your roof is a soft spot— this is a HUGE warning, you have big problems on your hands.

These soft spots lead to not only leaks, but holes and can cause injuries if someone is in your roof. This issue indicates that the plywood beneath your roof is rotting. You can find these soft spots under shingles or out in the open— be very cautious.

Hire a Professional to Repair or Replace

Its time to take action if your roof is showing any of the previously listed warning signs. You can’t let your roof continue to age and erode, this could put you and your loved ones in danger— it’s food for a disaster. A damaged or old roof could potentially collapse and destroy the integrity of your property. This could leave you with a difficult problem and an expensive bill.

The word you need to look for is prevention. You need to take action if and when you notice any warning signs of a bad roof. The best way to get your roof fixed is to hire a contractor or a roofing company.

These professionals can assess your roof and determine how much work needs to be done— the correct way. They can provide you a price estimate— that way you can do a budget— and handle the job, whether you need repairs or a new roof.

Do a search online and find the right roofing company or contractor for you. Look for roofing professionals with experience in your area— that’s key— and make sure to read their reviews and compare their services. Sometimes you can get a free quote before choosing, don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember, doing the research is what can potentially help you save money, compare and contrast your option before making any decisions. Take into account experience, reviews and of course your budget.

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