A few of us can’t let go of our cars— don’t get me wrong, you should be proud of yourself. Many studies show that you will be further ahead financially, the longer you keep driving your car with no payments. I’m sure you know someone that drives a really old car, over 200,000 miles, makes squeaky sounds, or it’s even cover in rust— hey, this could even be you and that’s fine, it still runs!

The again, even the toughest ones will someday wear out. There comes a moment where that vehicle stops being practical and needs to be put down to rest. I mean, common sense needs to kick in at some point— am I right? It’s hard— I know— but sometimes you need to accept the fact that it’s time for a new one— again, it doesn’t have to be a brand new. Here are signs for you to keep a look out to understand when it’s time to make the change:

Recurring breakdowns and repairs

Ok, breakdowns are normal for new and old cars— ocasional breakdowns. Having to pay for repairs it’s very common, but when all of these start to happen very frequently it’s time to raise some red flags.

You should not experience more than 2 breakdowns during a year— we are talking about serious breakdowns that won’t allow you to drive it or will cost a lot to repair. Things like, exhaust engines, radiators, engine malfunction— not wiper blades or air filters. Be weary of how many times a month your car keeps breaking down, it may be time to say “bye bye!”.

Crumbling Interiors

Imagine yourself cruising down and seeing the pavement wave at you by underneath your feet, inside your car. That’s the time where common since was suppose to kick in a long time ago!

If that is not a sign to replace your car, then I don’t know what it is. It’s all fun in games, but when the interior of your car begins to fall apart, the car is no longer salvageable. Think about it— knobs falling, holes on the floor, sunroofs leaking— chances are you need to run to a dealership, ASAP!

Shame Face

Sometimes you may be oblivious to how your car looks, but you may find that your friends and family are embarrassed to hop in it or see you driving it. Don’t take it wrong, but take it as a sign that you need to get a different car. You may be immune to the appearance of your car because you’ve had it for so long, but trust us when we say it’s time for a change.

No Longer Passes Emissions Tests

I think that title is pretty self explanatory— is it a sign? Many of these old cars won’t pass emissions tests that are required when you have to renew your license plates.

Some people spend LOTS of money adding new technology to their vehicle, just to pass the test. Some vehicles are no longer allowed to take an emissions test— I mean, if that happens to you, why continue to shell out big bucks just to barely squeeze out another passed test?

Too much gas money

If you’re driving a mid 90’s car, chances are you’re spending a lot more time at the gas station than your friend who is driving a 2016 model.

I know— you might be free of those annoying monthly car payments, but all those extra trips to get gas are starting to add up. If you find yourself at a gas station more than two times a week, it is a sign that you are probably spending too much money on gas. You should consider getting an upgrade.

Car insurance keeps Rising

Fact! Older cars have expensive insure, v.s newer cars not so much. New vehicles are built with safety features that are not available in older models, this helps with insurance policies. It doesn’t matter if you have a spotless driving record, you might start to see your premiums creeping up as the car ages. Is it worth it?

Safety Issues

It doesn’t matter how well you maintained your car, eventually it will become unsafe to drive— sorry to burst your bubble. Your car will become unreliable, unstable and might break down at dangerous times. Your vehicle probably doesn’t have Safety Features like side airbags, electronic stability control, rear view cameras, blind spot monitoring, automatic braking, and forward collision alert.

Of course, many of these advanced safety features are optional. But then again, you shouldn’t be driving your car if the muffler might fall off when you hit a pothole. When you or your passenger start to feel unease, it might be a huge sign to replace it.


Repairs cost more than the Car’s Worth. If none of what’s previously mentions is enough of a good sign to replace it, think of this: when summing all up and the repairs cost more than the damn thing is even worth, it’s surely the time to say “Bye bye!”. I know you may love it, it might have sentimental value, but is it really worth it?

This test— the math cost— is a practical way to tell whether you should keep rolling in your old friend. It simply comes down to dollars and cents— if safety issues didn’t do the kick for you. There is no arguing when math is involved. Break the cycle and get that new set of wheels.

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