Here’s the situation, when your car needs maintenance it can be incredibly costly to get it up and running again— you know you’ve been through this. And if you own a luxury car or an older model, the expense may be even greater.

Part of the issue is that it costs hundreds of dollars to repair the car parts. But, if you are looking for a way to save money on parts for your vehicle—and I know you do— here is your answer!

A mechanic estimates that, in the first 10 years of ownership, the cost of maintenance on a Honda for example totals $6,100. But, do you own a BMW or Mercedes-Benz? Then up it to a total of $17,820. It is a lot of money to spend for routine maintenance and repairs. You just need to learn where to shop, instead of paying those high prices.

Save a Lot on Car Junkyards

You will find shockingly cheap auto parts at a place you’d actually never imagine you’d look for: a car junkyard.

Auto junkyards, also known as auto scrap yards, are sites where old, discarded, non-functioning and wrecked cars are taken. Junkyards usually donate cash to car owners for their old cars, so then they break down the engine, remove and resell any working parts.

Some parts can be saved and sold, from engine parts to radios and window controls to tires to floor mats— basically everything.

And this is what makes them perfect places to find the parts you need at a much cheaper price. These are working parts pulled straight out of used or junked vehicles, without any form of dealership or price markup on new products.

Are auto junkyards dirty, disorganized lots lined with junked cars? Well, that’s a common idea— but it’s outdated as well. Today’s auto junkyards are structured, parts sources are legal, and computerized. Nowadays most junkyards have online distribution systems that list all of the parts available to potential shoppers on the internet— yes people, they are advanced.

Because of this state-of-the-art technology, auto junkyards list their parts online for customers from all over the world. So, you know what this means? You can check junkyards from home to find the parts you need— even if the junkyard is states away, how fun! You can check for local junkyards in your town, or just browse for any junkyard that offers your bits.

And unlike car dealerships or repair shops, junkyards priced parts are within the budget. Remember, there is no packaging and no middleman; the junkyards directly get their pieces from their scraps or drivers. Which means they can price the parts based on demand and interest from the customers, and that saves you money.

Negotiate, Don’t Forget!

Once you’ve found the parts you need at an reasonable price, there’s one more step to save money. Yes, you guessed it— Negotiate, or haggle, to see if you can get an even better deal.

Many auto junkyards have the courtesy to lower the price with similar rates you’ve seen elsewhere. Although you’ll still need to make sure the parts are the same, this alone could save you extra money— think about that.

If you find the parts you need in an online catalog of an auto junkyard, please contact them. Let them know that you’ve done your homework— that you know how important that aspect is— if they realize you’re experienced, they may be willing to meet you at a lower price.

Take the time to talk, even though you are searching for other junkyards online. It could even save you money on the cost of your new piece.

Begin your Online Shopping Today

In addition, although your trusted mechanic will give fair prices for fixing cars and replacing parts, there is a way to save even more. You just need to shop online.

If you need parts for your vehicle, you can check for parts at any time and shop online. You can actually get started in just a few clicks right now!

Check online to find the parts you need. Local auto junkyards, pawn shops, and even online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and smaller pawn companies can be browsed. Whether you are searching for fresh or salvaged pieces, you will find anything you need.

Shopping online for parts lets you compare your choices quickly and easily. The same element can be matched from various online shops or junkyards. And you can make sure you get the lowest possible price, too. Make sure you are doing your homework, and save even more money when you buy what you need.

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