In 2020, we’re living in a digital world. Between paying bills, keeping in touch with family and friends, and earning a living, you’d have a hard time finding a way to do it all without the web. Unfortunately, that inevitable web time also comes with risks.
Antivirus software is essential for anyone who wants to stay safe from hackers without giving up all the digital amenities they need. The key is finding the right antivirus software. Start your search with these top choices.

Avast Ultimate 2020

Avast is known for having strong protection against malware, even in its free version. For truly airtight security, though, you’ll want the improved Avast Ultimate 2020.
It detects and blocks potential risks in your emailing and browsing activity, and also checks your wi-fi network for threats and alerts you when a new device joins the network.
Avast Ultimate 2020 also features two other programs: Cleanup Premium and SecureLine VPN. Cleanup Premium optimizes your performance while keeping you safe, while SecureLine VPN filters all your web activity to keep your privacy under wraps.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee has a reputation for digital security, and its latest version of McAfee Total Protection doesn’t disappoint. This software provides your own secure VPN to encrypt all your online activity.
The VPN is only the tip of the iceberg. McAfee Total Protection also provides a firewall for your home network, in addition to the essential security step of blocking risky sites. You’ll also receive the specialized McAfee Shredder to truly remove any files you want to delete, as well as a secure password manager and your own encrypted storage.

Norton 360 Deluxe

As a powerhouse in digital security, Norton bundles all your top essentials into Norton 360 Deluxe. In addition to safe cloud storage for your device’s backup, the software scans for threats in real-time and offers a secure VPN for total privacy.
The Deluxe package also gives you unique features like SafeCam monitoring for your webcam, parental controls, and a password manager. You’ll also receive monitoring throughout the dark web to alert you if your private information is ever discovered.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus

If you want the power of Norton, it doesn’t get better than Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus. It includes all the benefits of Norton 360 Deluxe but it doesn’t stop there.
You’ll also enjoy real-time credit monitoring as well as security monitoring for your 401(k) and other investments. The package includes LifeLock’s monitoring service so you’ll know right away if your sensitive information is ever compromised.

AVG Ultimate

While many people know about AVG’s free antivirus for internet security, you may not realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg. AVG offers other security tools as well, and their AVG Ultimate bundle gives you all the best in one package.
In addition to the brand’s top-notch internet security, you’ll receive their TuneUp program to keep your protected computer performing its best. The Ultimate package also includes AVG’s secure VPN so your private online activity stays private.

Webroot Internet Security Complete

The web is both a wonderful place and a risky place, and Webroot knows all about it. Their Webroot Internet Security Complete software is designed to give you everything you need to stay safe online.
The product protects your banking, credit cards, and other types of sensitive information while you take advantage of all that the web has to offer. In addition, you’ll get 25GB of free secure storage.

Choosing Your Antivirus Software

Selecting an antivirus software can make the difference between whether you become a victim of identity theft. If you value your security and you want an antivirus that does the same, look no further than the six top options above.
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