You might not have a four year college degree, but still want to have a fulfilling and well paying job— and you can! There are jobs out there that don’t need that degree, some of these may need minor certifications or on-the-job training— but hey, with a little effort you can find yourself making the big bucks. To help you get started on your job hunt, here is a list of 10 amazing positions that do not require a degree and will give you a head start into a new career.

Truck driver

Truck drivers have different duties, some transport materials and goods among distribution, manufacturing and retail centers. Others may also perform customer service and sales duties. Other ones can include safety operations such as inspecting their vehicles for mechanical issues, and basic repair work.

Drop shipping

Want to become a self starter, working from home and making serious cash too? If the answer is yes, then drop shipping is made for you— and yes, it’s a real job. Drop-shippers work with large retailers like Amazon to sell their products and— best of all— can enjoy high amounts of revenue each month. Do a quick online research and find out how you can become one!

Personal Care Aide

Taking care of others brings you joy and fulfillment? Then becoming a Personal aides provider will be perfect for you. In this career choice you will take care of the elderly, those who can no longer successfully live on their own. Your duties may vary depending on the client’s needs and abilities, but can include light housework, cooking, helping with their exercises, and being a companion. It is a very challenging and yet fulfilling position that won’t need a four-year degree to excel.

Medical records and health information technician

While this position does not require a four year bachelors degree, it requires an associate’s degree or a certification. This position is perfect for those with an eye for detail and with excellent computer skills. The healthcare industry is in high demand, and medical records and health information technicians are highly needed to ensure patient information is processed correctly and remains accurate.

Car Valet

What you need? A valid drivers license— yup, that’s it. Your responsibility is to park and return customers cars, keeping them safe and ensuring a fast and reliable service. Working as a car valet may require working evenings, but as a plus side, many car valets enjoy tips throughout every shift.


This is a wonderful career path that offers fulfillment and creativity. It’s perfect for anyone who loves talking and interacting with customers, and of course, gets joy from helping other people. Hairdressers can have very exciting and long careers as they build their clientele and make a name for themselves. A certification or cosmetology school is required. Hairdressers have the opportunity to work as freelancers or as staff in an established salon.

Real Estate Agent

Love working with people, but don’t want to be stuck in an office all day? Becoming a Real estate agent can offer you that satisfaction, they enjoy constant diversity in the workplace by going out and selling properties of all shapes and sizes, while earning incredible commissions. You can interact with amazing people, cool networking events, and of course, sky-high commissions— what can be better?

Transportation Manager

Love logistics? Can you manage people? Can you ensure timelines are kept and goals are met, all at the same time? Ordering online is the constant these days, and that’s where transportation managers come to play. They are tasked with ensuring the distribution of goods happens in a efficient and timely manner. For someone who has worked in shipping or a warehouse, this is an excellent opportunity to transfer those essential skills to this management position.

Security Guard

If safety is what rows your boat, then becoming a Security workers will be great for you. They are responsible for maintaining people secure, buildings and their contents, by preventing break-ins and theft through guarding and surveillance. Security guards are expected to deal with a wide range of situations. Their roles will change depending on the industry they work for, there is a broad spectrum of place to work with.

Food Service Manager

The food industry is tough and these managers are tasked with a wide range of duties, from managing employees, schedules, and ensuring seamless customers service. Managing staff is not an easy task, so this is a great job for anyone with prior food service experience who would like to take their career to the next level— and again, without needing a four year degree.

Don’t get discouraged, your former work experience can most certainly benefit you during your next job search. Leverage what you have accomplished in the past, your skills, experience and knowledge, without needing a degree. Enjoy a better paying and more fulfilling career moving forward.

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