Buying presents for your dad is a difficult task, and that’s probably because fathers are notoriously known hard to shop for— they say they don’t want something, but you can’t let Father’s Day pass without having a little something. Sound familiar?

So, you could pick a mug that says “#1 Dad”. But why not give your dad an even better, more special gift on Father’s Day and his birthday? You should consider a more amazing, unusual gift like the following, with a little imaginative thinking and awareness of your dad’s interests.

1. Cooker Sous Vide

Compatible for: Dads that enjoy geeky tech and cooking.
Starting Price: $29.98

Sous Vide cookers are moving faster than ever from commercial kitchens to home kitchens, and for any home cook who enjoys trying new techie stuff and techniques, these are a great gift.

A Sous Vide cooker is a small device which holds a water container at a constant temperature. It gives you the ability to cook veggies, eggs or even meat— MEAT! —at the exact temperature you like, and keep them there for hours. Under vacuum— Sous Vide in French —cooking steak, pork chops, or even sausages means that you will NEVER AGAIN suffer from an overdone, grim meat slice. Now that’s a deal!

2. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Compatible for: Any dad who enjoys a cup of coffee on the go or needs it on the go.
Starting Price: $7.99

Forget those silly coffee mugs with a quirky design in the front— that’s a thing of the past— and give your dad something he can get On The Go! This mug is great for any dad, specially if he is a regular traveling guy who wants to keep his tea or coffee piping hot. The vacuum-sealed spout holds hot and cold liquids for hours. How you like that!

3. Shiitake Kit

Compatible for: Dad’s that are into gardening or like to see things grow.
Starting Price: $19.98

Ok, I know what you are thinking, a mushroom log may not look like much, but it will start sprouting delicious mushrooms once it’s soaked in water and placed under a tree. This mushroom log contains shiitake mushroom spores, which will produce up to two years of delicious mushrooms. It’s super low maintenance, so all Dad has to do is spray it with water sometimes and BAMM, you for yourself a full on harvest. Not to shabby, right??

4. Cocktail Aging Barrel

PERFECT for: That Dad who’s mastered his bartender routine skills at home.
Starting Price: $49.95

Yes! A barrel of cocktails is a perfect gift for a dad who likes to mix classic and custom cocktails together. Many bars use old aging barrels to age their cocktails, but these tiny purpose-built barrels are great for home use. These beautiful barrels of oak which come in a variety of sizes can also be custom-graved. I know what you might be thinking— I should get one of these bad boys for myself as well.

5. Audubon Bird Call and Bird Identification Cards Bundle

Compatible for: Dads who love nature or birdwatching.
Starting Price: $34.99

This bird call package is a perfect gift if your dad is a nature or birdwatcher enthusiast, or is simply curious about what kinds of birds make their home around his house. Audubon bird call imitates a variety of sounds to attract many wild birds. Made of birchwood and pewter and fits into your pocket. It includes a bird song identification guide that comes with 100 easy-to-reference bird identification cards. For the beginner or the backyard bird watcher.

6. Deluxe Scratch-Off Map

PERFECT for: Any father who likes traveling.
Starting Price: $17.99

This is so cool! It’s an awesome interactive map that allows you to scratch out countries while you travel. It is written on a black matte backdrop with gold foil, and the countries scratch off as different colours. It features a neat infographics segment along the bottom with each countries flag! This is a perfect gift if your dad is a globetrotter or if you want to start a new tradition with him planing trips together. This just warms my heart.

7. Easy Function Grill Scraper

PERFECT for: Barbeque-loving dads who you want to keep safe.
Starting Price: $19.75

You might be thinking, why would I want to give my dad Grill Scraper? Well my young Padawan, a few years ago grill enthusiasts were advised to give up their grill brushes with wire-bristles. The problem was that the sharp bristles may be left behind on the grill and eaten along with any cooked burgers, sausages, or other food. And this may pose a major health threat. You don’t want that, don’t you?

So, if your dad is still holding on to his old wire brush, replace it with a lightweight but strong wood grill scraper. It will get his grill clean, make it much easier to scrub old food off and keep him safe!

8. Pick Punch

PERFCT for: That musician dad who can’t stop picking on his guitar, also a DIYer
Starting Price: $15.99

If your dad is a pro or an enthusiast guitar player, he’ll probably appreciate an endless supply of custom guitar picks. I mean, why not? This pick punch helps Dads to make his own brand-new picks from old credit cards, room keys of hotels or any other durable plastic. To get him started it also comes with a supply of colored plastics. I think you should pick this one!

9. Secrid Wallet

Compatible for: Trendy dads on the go that want to keep everything secure.
Starting Price: $51.50

Secrid is skilled in the manufacture of beautiful foldable wallets, bill folders and card guards. Their goods are made with RFID-shielding technology that will secure the most sensitive details about your dad-and it’s all wrapped in beautiful leather. Such wallets are beautifully built to make it easy for your dad to open up cards or cash with one single move. Now that’s slick!

10. Runners in fur

Compatible for: Dads who want to be comfortable, dress fashionably and help the planet. Starting Price: $44.99

Allbirds is a newer company specializing in running shoes made from heavy felt merino wool. Their runners are a perfect three-season, casual shoe with the pulled-together look of a loafer offering the comfort of the sneakers. They are available in a range of designs and colors.

Find the Perfect Gift for Your Dad This Father’s Day or Birthday!

These are both wonderful days to celebrate your friendship with your dad and to honor with a fitting gift everything he has done for you. Generally many people walk into a mall or try to find the right gift online, but get overwhelmed. However, you should celebrate your dad with presents like these, and give him something that fits his interests.

Just remember: whatever you get for your dad, he will love it as long as it is lovingly given!

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